Specialities is for paper related product a wide understanding. In the schedule below you can find a selection of the specialties in our assortment. 
We would gladly develop products with you specifically designed for your unique application.


Paper qualities

Candytwisting / Twistwrap Eucalyptus Pulp
Medical leaflets coated and uncoated Security paper
Metallising basepaper Wax paper
Low weight barrier coating (oil, water, grease) Interleaving paper
Lamination paper HPDE film silicone base and label
Onside coated MG Kraft silicone base Paper for selfadhesive industry
Recycled coated MG silicone base Woodfree onside coated label
Onside coated silicone base Woodfree uncoated label vellum, laser, coloured
Twoside coated silicone base Woodfree uncoated coloured label
Glassine silicone base Thermal Transfer Label
Low weight silicone base Uncoated recycled label